Nyanda Cultural Corporate Training

4 hours

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Additional to our workshops, a suite of authentic, immersive and highly interactive cultural activities are available in our corporate training package options outlined below.

It is an innovative, more flexible and creative approach to corporate training and team building, designed to exceed your needs.

This venue for this training is the Nudgee Waterholes, Bora Ring and Bush Food Gardens Site. Our training room is also located nearby at the Banyo Football Club facility.

The Specialised Services we offer include:

Jagera Daran Aboriginal Cultural Awareness and Heritage Training: 

If your company or organisation is developing a Reconciliation Action Plan or if your looking for a unique cross-cultural corporate team building opportunity, we have an array of package options for you to choose from.

Alternatively, we can tailor something for you.

Jagera Daran Event and Conference Services:

Cultural Pop Ups, Tours & workshops. 

We come to you
Portable “Pop UP” Aboriginal Cultural presentations, including cultural item displays, demonstrations and bush food tastings can be extended to your event or conference program.

These can be developed to an appropriate theme aligned with your event or conference if required.

You come to us
Alternatively, if you’re an event or conference organiser who’d like to book a Nyanda Cultural Visitor Tour at the Nudgee Waterholes for your event attendees and conference delegates, please contact us as group bookings can be arranged.

Special Welcome VIP Tours can also be tailored for your event or conference guest speakers/performers.

Specialist Cultural Activity Workshops are also available. Simply go to our Event/Conference Request Form.

We also provide hand made wood and stone tool items, as gifts for conferences and events. These include didgeridoos, bullroarers, clapsticks, stone blades, hide scrapers and axe heads.