Private Twilight Didgeridoo Cave Tour

2 hours

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A focused, heart-opening 90 minute cultural tour with powerful Aboriginal learnings.

Enjoy a short guided bushwalk identifying traditional medicine plants and learning local Noongar knowledge about the region.

Next, venture into Ngilgi Cave where the good spirit Ngilgi dwells to hear Josh relate the Dreaming legends with his unique way of storytelling.

Here, deep inside the Earth, Josh delivers a mesmerising didgeridoo performance in the stillness of the cave.  Guests say it is an experience to treasure for all time.

As you depart the cave, you’re likely to see a glowing WA sunset to seal the memory.  

Private tour price available for maximum 4 guests.

A seasonal tour designed to commence at 4pm or 5pm when the cave shuts to the public for the day allowing private access to Ngilgi Cave. Available at other times of day upon request.